New Book Release:Music Made me (US) Do This By Bennie Herron

There are two purchase options. You can purchase it directly from West Vine Press, or scroll down and you can purchase it from Lulu

Music Made me (us) Do This By Bennie Herron (Free Shipping)

A string of thought-provoking vignettes woven with in your face poetry. A book as tender as it is savage. Bennie Herron was a local writer and poet of the San Diego Literary Scene. It all started in a classroom on campus with a writer’s workshop called, “Writerz Block.” Now, Bennie stands on the backs of David Walker, W.E.B. Du Bois …, and draws from his peers like Black Thought, Nas, Common and The Last Poets. Music Made me (us) Do This is more than a book of poems, it is Mr. Herron wearing his heart on his sleeve giving us a peek inside the mind of a living legend. 82 pages. 2018.




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