Free Book (C) West Vine Press Sampler Two

Free Book (C) West Vine Press Sampler Two

This is a free digital book. Click the cover (or here) to open .pdf file, or to save book to take with you when you’re off the web.

This book is good for ghost stories, campfire sing sungs, or skimming in the woods alone.

This free book (2015) is number two of (as of now) four in the series.

The first Sampler (2012) was a handmade book that was given out around the united states a few years ago. That volume may never see the digital world. But Volume Three is listed on this webpage and can be read in its entirety (for free) by clicking here.

The 4th volume book was just released may first 2017, and (for now) can only be read by buying a physical copy. You can click or tap here, to purchase the stack of papers for 7.99.

As was said, below is the free book. After the description click or tap the cover. Also, there’s a link to buy the book, in case you have the fetish of lining up nicely bound indie books written by some of the best writers and poets of this or of any generation…

Thank you, for reading. (The Editor)

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