A Review Of Slow Living

To buy Slow Living by Kenyatta JP Garcia ($10.00) click or tap HERE

Linearity is discouraged. After an immersion in Slow Living, by Kenyatta JP Garcia, from West Vine Press By Notty Bumbo How he said it. How it got here, gets here, sends messages, goes sideways, across time and back, bounces history across personal synapses. This is a work unfolding, a journey despite its most ardent desire to locate a fixed point from which to observe, debate, break open anything within view or hidden behind unreason. From the Greeks to the Geeks, a brief mention of (the first) Hannibal, and never depositing two hundred dollars, Kenyatta goes and goes, his prose opposes fixed coordinates, this/these poems unfolding origami-like before the limits of understanding. A diary of mad fun and sullen rectitude, careening around my skull in philosophical glee. I suspect “JP” means Jet Propelled, or Just Perusing, or Jamming Profundity. I give this book an easy ninety-nine with a bullet– you can dance to it, all right, all night, outa sight!

Written by Notty Bumbo, a poet, author, and artist in San Francisco for more than 40 years. His work has appeared in a number of small press publications including The Amphigoric Sauce Factory, Writing Without Walls, and Poesis. His first novella, Tyrian Dreams, was published on Amazon in 2014.


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