West Vine Press Sampler #2 (Now For Sale)

(To Buy Vol. Two (62 Pages) For Seven U.S.A. Dollars, Click Now. To Read The First One (76 pages) For Free, Go Here: West Vine Press Book Sampler Vol. One)

Vol. Number Two in the worded mix-page series brings us some sections from some of the West Vine Press Books that have/or will be released. This edition includes six Books and five writers. A Buddha Says Hello. A Flask Of Gin. It All Ends In Tears Anyway. Three Dimensional Boxes. The Fear & The Going Part One. The Napkin Book. Future Dead Writers Series. Written by Sean M.E. Auden Wyatt. Partick Trotti. Andrew H. Kuharevicz. Jorge de Leon. Thank you for reading. West Vine Press. A lil ol’ publisher from Michigan that moves stuff around.

withbb buy west vine press



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