LAST CALL: Enjoy the rest of what has been one very weird year…

So much paperwork, and sleeping on paperwork is not cozy. The year is over…almost. That doesn’t matter. The show goes on and we’re still here. More words are on the way, and beginning in two thousand fourteen, more stuff will be moved around…wait… who cares… who knows…

But when the sun comes up  in monkey’s eyebrow, the prices on the books will go back to a more reasonable level. Here’s a quick battle plan, some idea of what you’ll see….


As far as the old calendar said, book three in the future dead writers series has been canceled. Logically, book four, will move up in the order of  release date. Jan. Lucky number 13.

A NOTE:…and this is not a call for work, but if you are a poet or writer, a theorist or conman; if you’re someone who works with words and would perhaps like to be involved with the future dead writers series, send West Vine Press an email at,

ANOTHER NOTE:…and don’t stress, this isnt a big deal. Working nonstop is hard to get out of your skin when that’s what you do, and so you’ll know right away about nothing too typical and slow down thinking about the changing of the digital, because it’s going to level out; the death of the book has been mostly fabricated by those within an industry that some would call… professional.

Words…so yeah, it’s all there and West Vine Press has a model that changes and is always open to ideas. We support the writer as a job and an art, and not one that should be based on slave labor.

…Anyway, whatever that means, it’s just an idea, and so to cut with the runaround…

West Vine Press is looking for three or four people to be involved with next years books. Send a line and let’s make a book.

That about ends the film, so here’s to keeping the ship afloat, and for all of those eyes that come across this page, may you have a great next step in the history of this strange society floating on a blue marble full of creatures who just love moving stuff around…

SO MUCH PAPERWORK. Jokes over… Thank You For Reading.


One response to “LAST CALL: Enjoy the rest of what has been one very weird year…”

  1. This sounds fantastic! I would be very interested…I will have to flick you an email once I’m on my computer.

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