Book Release: A Few Healthy Moments & Random Film Scenes (Future Dead Writers Series#2)

This is the ticket to the show. The super cool fancy people show. I really thank west vine press for this super cool reading material. Rob Haskew is a good writer with some good reads indeed.”

By, Rob Haskew

48. Pages 2013

West Vine Press

Free Shipping (See end of post for code) 


Book Two In The Future Dead Writers Series Now For Sale

Rob Haskew and his words are about the circus. His words represent the minutes you sit in a chair and simply think. His words are there… just like you, just like the sky, just like the present moment, the moment before the point in your day when you’re all done with work, maybe getting ready for bed; his words are about that moment that comes just before you turn off your mind.

 Good Looking Paperback Here. A Quote from one happy customer of the last Future Dead Writers Book written By John Withee said, The design is great, it feels heavy and profound in my hand.” (Let’s move on…)

48 Pages.  2013. West Vine Press. Real Book. Gadget Needed:  Human Hands and Human Eyes, A Mind is optional.

For Preview Click Here. To purchase book click on buy book below.

For more books by West Vine Press go to Buy West Vine Press Books.

Be Cool. Read A Book. Thank You.


The Editors

West Vine Press, United States of America, Michigan, 2013





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