Internet Giant/Blogger Beach Sloth, who sees the modern human experience as more internet than IRL, spills the thoughts that come to him as he reads State &Stasis

Editor’s Note: A sort of review and essay based on State and Stasis, by John Withee, FUTURE DEAD WRITERS SERIES #1, by somebody called Beach Sloth. Whatever and whoever it is, well here it is. To see and read more of this so called, Beach Sloth, follow sourced link after words. IF you would like to review the book, please leave comment or send us an email at If you seem real and not just some person who wants free things, You will be sent a book. You then may do and say what you want about said book. Thank you for reading. 


Sunday, October 6, 2013
State & Stasis by John Withee. CLICK HERE TO BUY BOOK

Freedom is funny. Whoever thinks they have it doesn’t, and whoever feels confined has it. Yes it is a strange thing. Part of freedom’s appeal is how it can liberate a person who might otherwise be considered a victim of systems. If it is a job or a university or religion, each one of these offers their own specific path towards freedom. Sometimes they work in conjunction to help a person realize their potential. Other times they feel stifling. No escape appears to exist for these long-created structures. Playing within the structure is the most fun to be had. Upon the realization of how a structure works, how it reacts to external shocks, it becomes liberated. The secrets it hides reveal themselves.

Universities remain the simultaneous happiest and saddest place. Students realize the difficulties of interpersonal relationships. Group work is assigned. For the first time in what is to be a long series of compromises people begin to understand what is allowed and not allowed. Previous generations of university students created traditions, traditions to be followed. Experimentation is encouraged at any campus. Commuters are frowned upon. Various cultures grow out of universities no matter how beautiful or ugly they look. Upon graduation the university looks much more beautiful. A beckon of hope it is the place for idealism, to nurture the idealism, to hope that it grows outside of the protected university laboratory. For exceptional people the idealism of a university never dies but informs their choices for the rest of their life.

Surveillance begins with adulthood. Nobody cares to spy on teenagers. Adults have the power to change things. Everything is monitored. Cameras are the obvious choices. Yet the cameras capture only so many possibilities. That captures the public profiles of people. People willingly give up their private life. Google searches tell too much about a person. Hours are spent online revealing sexual fetishes, book purchases, musical taste, and close friends. Networking becomes infinitely easier online. Blinders are important for living online. With a life lived exclusively online dissenting opinions are filtered out to reflect the worldview of the viewer. The Internet is a mirror. It shows the user exactly what it wants to see, that the user is enlightened, that the user knows more than the average that they are above the average. Such misperceptions can be a good thing but can create conflict once an internet user leaves their comfortable bubble.

Nostalgia fuels the internet. People enjoy remembering their time before their brains began to sync up with everyone else’s. MEMEs were just a philosophical invention. Old stories are remembered in full during those few waking moments spent away from a computer. Pairs of lovers enjoy spending time away from the internet. Caring about other people gets harder the more digitalized individuals become. Sometimes it can be a good thing to simply remember a quieter less intrusive time. Nudity means a lot more in reality than it does on the internet. Artistic endeavors used to require models for nudes. Now it requires a basic Google Search. The beginning of schooling is the end of creativity. Whoever survives decades of education and manages to keep their creativity intact is a strong individual indeed.

Religion is the ultimate world away from the world. Left in a philosophical zone it remains one of the great sources of freedom if done right. If religion is done incorrectly, as it unfortunately happens far too often, results in scared individuals. The goal of religion ought to be the celebration of life. So much beauty surrounds people. Few ever realize the joy that the world offers on a daily regular basis. Considering all the things that should go wrong but don’t is incredible. Beauty passes people by all of the time. A basic commute might bring about a great sunrise or sunset. Nobody looks out the window to see the world passing them by most of the time. Rare instances when someone pays attention they see a world that had always been waiting to be acknowledge. If religion did this for more people religion would be far more peaceful and far less hurtful.

One day winter will come. People will realize they need each other. Until that day individualism will reign supreme.


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