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Buy the newest WVP title now. Pub date 10.3.23This is a typewritten sketchbook in the spontaneous flavor of writing styles often ignored. A book about fighting against the tidal wave of existence, only to admit that you're the water. It's a book of poetry. Objectified. A thing of words. A voice made out of ink. Written by a person. Themes of joy, themes of confusion. Whatever. It's a book. Made from days gone by now lacking the meaning attributed to real time. It's fiction. A book. Read it. Forget it. Move on. Roll With it. By Andrew K. Published by West Vine Press. 2023.

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In his newest collection of stories, Patrick Trotti has created a portrait of forgotten people living on the fringes. Featuring thirteen never before published stories, The Roles We Inherit will entertain and haunt readers. Using a direct style mixed with self-deprecating humor, these characters search for answers even though they're not entirely sure if the questions posed will lead to salvation.A recently sober man recounts all he's been through during a panic attack while trying to reunite with the wife he fears might never come back. A young couple uses a hurricane as cover to loot an abandoned mansion to try and save their new marriage. An addict tries a new drug on the same day he's let out of the hospital for a drug-induced seizure. A young aimless man returns home to find his mother had him killed overseas in a war rather than admit to her neighbors that he's floundering.As these stories, and others, unfold, Trotti explores the vast underbelly of society and shows us just how relatable suffering can be.




Born in Michigan in 2006 by author and bookseller Andrew Hemeren Kuharevicz as a publishing collective, the small press has expanded to publish numerous authors from around the country. With dozens of books in print, West Vine Press has brought to life some of the more intriguing book-length projects over the past two decades. Featuring poetry and short story collections as well as novels, the press has acquired an eclectic assortment of works. WVP looks forward to expanding its reach continuing to showcase some of the best writing out there today.


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