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The Devil Around Us By Patrick Trotti

“The Lemminkainen’s are a family in turmoil. Uprooted from their home by religious fanaticism, they embark on a voyage that will take them from the shores of their coastal Canadian village to upstate New York in the early twentieth century. Life in the new world is simple. They live and work off the land, in seclusion on a mountain, and eventually bring over relatives from back home. As their atheistic cult-like community grows in numbers, so too do the problems they face. Drug abuse, mental illness, and the allure of oil riches all threaten to derail the family. But it’s ultimately the youngest member of the tribe’s acceptance of spiritual salvation that creates a seemingly insurmountable schism throughout the family. The Devil Around Us charts the rise and fall of five generations of this extended clan of Finnish descendants. Will the younger Lemminkainen’s adapt to a new, more modern, world and lead the way out of their isolation or will their old traditions prevail?”

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OF (What Place Meant) By Kenning Jean-Paul Garcia

OF (What Place Meant) is both a frenetic outpouring and a measured micro-portrait of a writer at odds and in love with writing, gratuitously denying and defying genre in bursts of commanding lyricism. García’s book-length experiment with daily writing is as at home with humor as it is with mourning—the conduit of feeling always at the pulse of this ambitious collection. OF tells the story-not-story of a writer-not-writer who must go on living-not-living.

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Books of the Nook: Reviews from an Indie Bookshop in Michigan By Book Nook Staff

A book about books, that’s what this book is; a book full of reviews from the owner and other staff members of The Book Nook & Java Shop. An independent Bookstore located in Montague Michigan.

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music makes me us do this

Music Made me (us) Do This By Bennie Herron (Free Shipping)

A string of thought-provoking vignettes woven with in your face poetry. A book as tender as it is savage. Bennie Herron was a local writer and poet of the San Diego Literary Scene. It all started in a classroom on campus with a writer’s workshop called, “Writerz Block.” Now, Bennie stands on the backs of David Walker, W.E.B. Du Bois …, and draws from his peers like Black Thought, Nas, Common and The Last Poets. Music Made me (us) Do This is more than a book of poems, it is Mr. Herron wearing his heart on his sleeve giving us a peek inside the mind of a living legend. 82 pages. 2018.

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Cervine By Nathan Barrett

Cervine is a collection of three stories and an afterword about our human relationship to narrative and the living environment. Author bio: While Nathan Barrett has had a number of pieces published in newspapers and magazines, Cervine is his first collection of stories. For brief stints, he lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Chicago, Illinois, after high school, and eventually moved back to his hometown of Muskegon, Michigan, where he has lived since 2011.

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Est. 2009

Plantain by Josh Boardman (Free Shipping)

25 portraits of an imaginary plantain. Published by West Vine Press. Josh Boardman is from Michigan. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he is working on his first novel and a collection of stories about his hometown.

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Pancreatic Care Package By Steve Shultz (Free shipping)

Within this collection of poems from Colorado native Steve Shultz, you’ll find poems about lost time, sickness, shadowy figures, demons and dreams. Poems about starting over. Poems about simply existing. Poems about self-doubt. Poems about a girl. Poems about the necessity of poetry. Just poems. ABOUT POET: Steve Shultz read a lot of Hunter S. Thompson in college, which inspired him to declare a major in print journalism. He had some great times as a designer and reporter at some of Colorado’s major newspapers, and had some fun times going to free concerts in exchange for reviews. The decline of print journalism led him to pursue a lengthy vacation in the name of finding his “next chapter,” and somehow, he ended up as a mailman. Writing has been there all along the way. 106 pages.

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Kingdom Machine By Jesse S. Mitchell (Free Shipping)

A new book of poetry & prose published by West Vine Press. Written by Jesse S. Mitchell. Kingdom Machine is a book about the last day before the sun. File Under: Poetry/Critical Theory/Prose/Fiction/Philosophical/Play Writing

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Shelterland, A Novel, By Jesse S. Mitchell (Free Shipping)

A novel of ontology, in which Warren Corpus Casser endures Hallucinosis Enceladus Syndrome, The Rude Elementals, and the sudden unexpected death of his brother. Warren is having a very weird year, and just…um…something isn’t right, and only Dr. Tuli can tell Warren what on earth is going on. Shelterland. By Jesse. S. Mitchell. 164 pages. 2018. Published by West Vine Press.

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Never Read by Kenning JP Garcia (Free Shipping)

This book collects some of the better known pieces along with newer pieces to show the range of styles and sentiments of Kenning JP García. In these pages are the political and personal beside the humorous and melancholy. 76 pages.

8.99 $

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They Say By Kenyatta JP Garcia (Free Shipping)

THEY SAY is a fable in verse as told in three parts. It is a look at relationships, connections and what causes the rifts between one another and the places we inhabit.

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Slow Living By Kenyatta Jp Garcia (Free Shipping)

A look at passing the time. Whereas, the second half, Dear/Later is about forward momentum. About what’s next? Both halves are ‘implemental’ poetry. A constant movement without looking back and yet still getting caught up in the same whirlwind of cycles. A work about spirals. We can’t go back but sometimes we get close enough to look back and reexamine what occurred. “To enter the world of Kenyatta JP Garcia’s SLOW LIVING is to enter another dimension, to spend time in a mind in full possession of lyric intensity, knowledge of “high” and “low” culture, smarts of both the quick and painful kind. It’s a book full of all the right questions, evidence of a restless mind bent on finding the least satisfying answers to the most difficult of questions. There’s humor here as well, evidence of a knowing voice that doesn’t kowtow to anyone’s sacred gods. Give in to SLOW LIVING and give in to a voice that’s engaged, surprising, deft and capacious.” —Poet, Allison Joseph. Author of the book, Multitudes.

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Okay Birds Quiet Please By Andrew K. (Free Shipping)

Paperback Version: Okay. Birds. Quiet. Please. From the person who typed-up Poetic Poverty & SLACKER AD—NAUSEAM, okay birds quiet please is the third collection of words printed on a stack of paper that is called a book, written by Andrew K. Here we find words about the moment before the moment, about spacetime and jumping into Lake Michigan. Here is a writer not at the height of his powers, simply, doing and being and trying to figure out what any of this madness means. okay birds quiet please. It is a book, of words, from the number one selling absurdist poet. Andrew K lives a life surrounded by cats and books. Andrew K.’s future plans are as unclear as his past plans, and he told the editors he’s going to move out of the United States soon, where wherever he ends up, he’ll write little books of absurd poetry until the sun explodes. 130 pages.

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okay birds quiet please (hardcover edition) By Andrew K. (Free Shipping)

A more expensive and bigger hardcover book! Different Cover work! Five recently discovered pieces. Forward by Steve Shultz & afterword by Andrew K., an essay about a writer losing their writing. Okay. Birds. Quiet. Please. From the person who typed-up Poetic Poverty & SLACKER AD—NAUSEAM, okay birds quiet please is the third collection of words printed on a stack of paper that is called a book, written by Andrew K. Here we find words about the moment before the moment, about spacetime and jumping into Lake Michigan. Here is a writer not at the height of his powers, simply, doing and being and trying to figure out what any of this madness means. okay birds quiet please. It is a book, of words, from the number one selling absurdist poet.

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SLACKER AD—NAUSEAM By Andrew K. (Free Shipping)

(88 pages. Backpocket Book) A little pocketbook of absurd things. Written by a person who knows you exist. Words about cats, retail, books, myths, cover bands, hipsters, haters, lawyers, doctors, uncles, the lotto machine, and much, much more. SLACKER AD—NAUSEAM. Written by Andrew K. Published by West Vine Press. 2018. 88 pages. ABOUT ANDREW K.: The author of one other poetry collection called Poetic Poverty (also published by West Vine) Andrew K. lives a life surrounded by cats and books. Not much is known about him other than he was born in Monkey’s Eyebrow Kentucky, a radio frequency near Possum Trot and Ballard County, and after wandering around the train tracks of Massachusetts in his early thirties he moved to Michigan; Andrew K.’s future plans are just as unclear as his past plans, and he told the editors he’s going to move out of the United States soon, where wherever he ends up, he’ll write little books of absurd poetry until the sun explodes.

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Poetic Poverty By Andrew K (Free Shipping)

A collection of poetry and poetic prose, sketches, notes and doodles, written in the past ten to fifteen years. Concepts include getting lost in your room, time, and your mind, American houses, the edge between society and the woods, madness and imagination, rules for writing and the history contained within a number two pencil.

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West Vine Press Sampler #6 (Free Shipping)

A fresh book of collected brand new material from West Vine Press authors who have books to be released by the end of 2018. You’ll find poetry and prose, sections of novels and short stories from, Patrick Trotti, Jesse S. Mitchell, Kenning JP Garcia, Jorge de Leon, Bennie Herron, Steve Shultz, Nathan Barrett, Andrew K., M. Magnalia & F. Izzati. (2018. 66 pages)

6.99 $

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That Was A Long Time Ago By Patrick Trotti (Free Shipping)

(322 Pages) “Homeless shelters, baseball diamonds, shadows of the past, bright hopes for the future. TWALTA will break your heart. Patrick Trotti has written a powerful, and unsentimental novel.” – Bud Smith In alternating narratives, the novel charts the tumultuous ride of Walter Matthews. Matthews nearly reaches the precipice of his profession (baseball) only to see it all fall apart around him. Along the way he meets a father and son who rekindle his love for baseball and remind him of the life he could be living. Will he have enough inner strength, and time, to put his life back together or will he strike out? Patrick Trotti is the author of five full-length works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, as well as two chapbooks. He lives in new york.

15.99 $

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The Unbearable Heaviness Of Being Alive (Free Shipping)

A snapshot in time. Offers a glimpse of trying to remain sane amidst the frenzy of the digital age.

10.00 $

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It All Ends In Tears Anyway By Patrick Trotti (Free Shipping)

‘It all ends in tears anyway (Book Five In The West Vine Press Future Dead Writers Series)is a book written by Patrick Trotti, and as described by the writer himself: “This collection is all over the place. It deals with the intricacies of baseball, the complexities of the human mind, and how to deal with an illness that can’t be measured or register on a medical machine. If there was one unifying theme that ties everything together it would be this idea of how elaborate (best case scenario) or convuluted (worst case scenario) the mundane everyday things of life can be. Or maybe the only relation is that these topics are what I’m obsessed with, things that haunt me on a daily basis. Either way, give it a chance and even if you can’t relate I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to find your own passions culled from the minutiae of everyday life.”

10.00 $

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Word To Mother By Bennie Herron (Free Shipping)

(98 pages, Hardcover Version) In Bennie Herron’s word to the mother the reader is introduced to a world full of rhythm-memories and throwbacks. Thick with the reminiscence of childhood wonder and a deep yearning to honor both the living and the dead, the poems found here mark a life steeped in struggle and a desire to make whole the pieces that shape our lives. In each of Herron’s poems there is always music. But the music found here is not just a soundtrack for memories, but a key towards greater understanding, a way to both unlock and forge anew. In a refreshing turn from the often self-involved and saturated selfishness that defines so many in America, the poems here, though deeply personal, always honor an ever-present past. Herron’s “self” is only understood by way of inter-generational recognition and an ancestral antecedent that is always at work to make sense of the present self. Even in the toughest moments, Herron recognizes, without judgement, the sacrifices of a mother and the imperfect love that makes a family.

19.99 $

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Word To Mother By Bennie Herron (Free Shipping)

98 pages. Paperback Version

10.99 $

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Beneath The Shadow Of The Sun By Terry Severhill (Free Shipping)

(110 pages) Poetry of a young man. Poems about what the young man did before he became an old poet man writing poetry about war. Beneath The Shadow Of The Sun. And On Some Dark Night. A History Of Sorts. By Terry Severhill. Published by West Vine Press. Terry Severhill was a poet who lived in Vista California. He was a member of the Marine Corps and hung around San Francisco in the mid-1960s. He was a vocal advocate of writing, frequently found raising awareness about the effects of PTSD on the minds of United States troops returning home from war. He was at the height of his powers before he died suddenly after only recently being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was a funny poet who told it like it is, and shall be missed by all those who knew him.

11.99 $

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Black Water In Milk Glass By Octavia Saturday

(60 Pages) First Collection of Poetry from Octavia Saturday, who grew up in SW Michigan. Water is a big part of her internal landscape. She writes about what is in her head that needs to bleed out. All the life experiences that have led her to where she’s at and who she is. Octavia lived in quite a few places that have influenced her personally, and her writing, such as DC, Detroit, LA, New Orleans, Savannah, etc. These days she’s happily back into her little wet corner of Michigan, where she’s working on new poetry and prose that may turn out to be another book. Octavia can be found on social media at: Instagram: @Laughing.Alligator. <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a&gt;

8.99 $

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Sampler #4 (Free Shipping)

Sampler (Volume four) and contains various and often out of order sections and pages from some of the upcoming books, printed by West Vine Press. Writing & Poetry from Jesse S. Mitchell. Kenyatta JP Garcia. Stephanie Kaylor. Octavia Saturday. Terry Severhill. Kjartan Code. Andrew H. Kuharevicz…

8.00 $

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West Vine Press Sampler #3

West Vine Press Sampler #3. Ten writers from around the United States. Ten samples of full books. Ten voices. The current condition of existence. 2016. 104 pages.

8.00 $


West Vine Press Sample Of Books Vol. Two (Fall/Winter 14’/15′)

Vol. Number Two in the worded mix-page series brings us some sections from some of the West Vine Press books that have/or will be released. This edition includes six Books and five writers. A Buddha Says Hello. A Flask Of Gin. It All Ends In Tears Anyway. Three Dimensional Boxes. The Fear & The Going Part One. The Napkin Book. Future Dead Writers Series. Written by Sean M.E. Auden Wyatt. Partick Trotti. Andrew H. Kuharevicz. Jorge de Leon.

8.00 $

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State & Stasis By John Withee (Free Shipping)

First book in the Future Dead Writers Series. In State & Stasis we get an upward glimpse at the framework, machinery, and apparatus which governs human relationships. Writen by John Withee. 2018. 68 pages.

9.99 $

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A Few Healthy Moments & Random Film Scenes By Rob Haskew (Free Shipping)

Rob Haskew and his words are about the circus. His words represent the minutes you sit in a chair and simply think. His words are there… just like you, just like the sky, just like the present moment, the moment that comes before the point in your day when you’re all done with work, maybe getting ready for bed; his words are about that moment that comes just before you turn off your mind.

10.00 $

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The Napkin Book By Jorge de Leon (Free Shipping)

“I hear the most beautiful nonsense I have ever not understood.”“This book is about lust, desire, the female figure, mystique and words better left unsaid. It’s the unfiltered words of a girl crazy romantic lover, fueled by beauty and vodka. The Napkin idea was born out of necessity.”

10.00 $

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A Buddha Says Hello By Sean M.E. (Free Shipping)

Buddha Says Hello (Book Number Four In The West Vine Press Future Dead Writers Series) follows the writer (Sean M.E) as he travels around India objectively observing the land and the people and everything that makes-up his journey abroad. This book contains photos, inspiration from historical figures with quotes, itinerary notes, and writings from other eyes as well, that paints the reader a picture of not just India, but what is humble and true of the human condition.

12.00 $

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About the dualities of love, life and privilege. Of being alone vs together. Of living and not. Of having and not having. They are almost a play on the Taoist notion of “Wu Wei,” such as doing not doing or action non-action.

12.00 $

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What it is about: A story about a journalist (Auden O’ Wyatt) who gets his first job five years after all the local papers have gone out of business…working for a start-up real paper news group called…THE DAMN STORY.

12.00 $

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More Adventures Of A Dying Young Man (Book A) By Andrew H. Kuharevicz (Free Shipping)

The first novel in a five novel series that follows a person named Henry Oldfield around.MORE ADVENTURES OF A DYING YOUNG MAN BOOK A. PUBLISHED BY WEST VINE PRESS. 2013. A narrative of a person as he works in factories and travels around the United States. He hasn’t even enough courage to stay true to the plan and kill himself, and so using a stolen typewriter he learns more about the human condition than if he would have stayed in school. That’s about it, and after falling on some harder times during the start of The Great Recession, he meets a young energetic agent (Babushka) (Con-artist) who sells him (Henry Oldfield) on the idea of writing Science Fiction Popup Books for adults. It’s an amazing story about the first video game, the future book of war, and how it came to this:

16.00 $

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The Original Adventures Of A Dying Young Man (Book B) By Andrew H. Kuharevicz (Free Shipping)

Before he was a science fiction popup book writer for adults, Henry’s doing not much. He walks around and skips stones and one day after he hops the fence he discovers a book in the garbage. Henry then gets a message from an ol’ pal’ named Alex who was sent on back to the nice and normal of Borderland from the Second Proxy War and pretty much that’s what sets in motion Henry’s first real adventure since his falling out with Dusty Apostolo.

16.00 $

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The Fear & The Going: Part 1 (Book C) By Andrew H. Kuharevicz (Free Shipping)

(528 Pages) The Third Book In The Adventures Of A Dying Young Man Series Written By Andrew H. Kuharevicz. The Fear & The Going Part One Book C, picks up where Book A left off from, with Henry Oldfield kicked out on the streets: It’s a literary science fiction pop-up book for adults and getting older and not growing up. It’s about black holes and digital nonsense and a writer and an agent named Babushka who might work for Mr. So & So and…a killer and a retired detective who hates roller skating. An American tragedy about the artistic process of distortion and it’s one big sprawling million word narrative that is nothing but a sample of sheet music bouts’ the number seventy-three and the moment when space collapses inward after time comes back to its equilibrium, and it’s about the split hairs of friendship and a hungry lizard man who’s sheltered by his Ma and Pa and a dog that was sorta’ named after a Shakespearean Play.

20.00 $

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The Fear & The Going: Part 2 (BOOK D) By Andrew H. Kuharevicz (Free Shipping)

(286 pages) WHY DOES THE WAR HAPPEN? WHAT IS THE CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT: ‘BUG-EYED-JELLY-STAR-WISHES?” & WHO IS MR. So. & So.? THE FEAR & THE GOING PART 2. BOOK (D) IN THE ADVENTURES OF A DYING YOUNG MAN SERIES. Two pals. Now enemies. An AWOL writer, A lost General, A failed Data-analyst and A former billionaire’s boy turned Literary Agent. Henry Oldfield. Dusty Apostolo. Substitute Radio Announcer. Babushka. THE YEAR IS 2024AD. A man named Henry is having himself an existential crisis after somehow finding himself living back in the skyscraper in the biggest metropolis in THE REPUBLIC OF BORDERLAND. THE WORLD IS AT WAR and so, without nothing much to do he’s trying to write his new novel but keeps getting distracted by what is out the window. LITERARY FICTION.

17.00 $